Throw Back Thursday

Throwback to three years ago when Dimitri was just a little over a month old. What a cutie. He still has that blue blanky. We sure love this precious little boy.

PICT5775 IMAG0797 IMAG0714 IMAG0705

Throw Back Thursday

This is a throwback to the time that Adam and I ran a marathon together.  We ran a lot together while we were dating, in preparation for a half marathon. The long runs were a fun way to get to know each other. The half marathon (13.1 miles) was the perfect distance- long enough to be challenging but not so far that it felt impossible.

The full marathon (26.2 miles) was a different story. I had tried to run one several years before meeting Adam but wasn’t able to finish it. This time, however, with our training and Adam’s encouragement, I was able to do it. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I am very proud to say I’ve completed a full marathon.

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One of the things I love most about the fact that I’ve run a full marathon is it gave me the knowledge that I can do hard things. Since we’ve been married, Adam and I have had to do a few hard things. Like facing the fact that I’ll never be pregnant. Like having our hearts broken when the foster kids we love left our home. I’m not complaining and I wouldn’t change a thing about our life together, but the fact is that sometimes it’s HARD. I love being able to think back to running that marathon, wanting to quit at the 18th mile, but knowing I went on. And then thinking to myself, if you were able to do that, you can definitely do this! I know that Adam and I can handle whatever comes our way.

Throwback Thursday

This is the time we made donuts with our nephews! It feels like this was just a while ago, but based on the fact that Dimitri wasn’t born yet, and how little our nephews look in these pictures, this must have been about four years ago. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I love to bake and cook! I think I’m better at cooking, but baking is fun too, and these homemade baked donuts are some of the yummiest things I make.

DSCN0646 DSCN0651 DSCN0652

DSCN0650 DSCN0653


Yum! I haven’t made these in a while and now I’m thinking they sound pretty good! What sorts of things do you like to bake or cook?

Kasi’s Wedding

Kasi got married this weekend! I know I say this all the time, but we are so grateful for the relationship that we have with Dimitri’s birth mom. It means a lot that we were able to be with her on such a special day in her life. Dimitri had been practicing saying “I love you Kasi” all week long and had been getting pretty good at it. Unfortunately, he was a little too shy when he actually saw her so he didn’t say it, but he did give her a few good big hugs so hopefully that made up for it.

IMG_6305 IMG_6336 IMG_6337 IMG_6339


The happy couple. Dimitri was too busy finding other kids to play with to stop and take a picture. IMG_6366

We are so happy for you Kasi! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.