Merry Christmas everyone! We had a lot of fun this year. We spent Christmas eve with Mandie’s family and had a quiet Christmas Day at home.

The week before Christmas, we went to Temple Square again, this time with Mandie’s family. As soon as Dimitri realized where we were, he asked, “Hey, where’s Kasi?” I thought it was so cute that he remembered being there a few weeks earlier with her.

IMG_20281 IMG_7840


It’s always been a tradition in my (Mandie’s) family to get together on Christmas Eve. We play games, eat food, and open presents. In Colombia, where my mom is from, instead of Santa bringing presents, Baby Jesus brings them, and he always brings them at midnight on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, the parents wake the kids up at midnight to let them know the Baby Jesus has come. When we were growing up, we’d always just try to stay up until midnight. All our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa, would have so much fun watching movies, playing games, dancing to music and eating Colombian food. Then at midnight, we’d open gifts. Christmas eves with my family are some of the best memories I have as a child. Now, with all of us grown and kids of our own, we continue this tradition, but for some reason we can never quite stay up till midnight. With so many young kids, we usually start opening presents around 7 or 8. But it’s still a lot of fun.


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Dimitri had a lot of fun. The funniest (and most embarrassing for mom) part was when he opened a present that was a book and a sweatshirt. He looked at them and then grumpily said, “I wanted a toy!” I guess we’ll have to work on our manners and gratitude.


Acting out the Nativity. Baby S got the honor of playing Baby Jesus.


One of the games we played is to try to make someone look like a snowman. Dimitri just thought it was fun to get wrapped up in toilet paper.



Last year on Christmas Day, I made a meal with foods that might have been eaten in Bethlehem at the time of Christ. It was really fun and we decided to make it our new Christmas tradition. This year we had fish, flatbread, hummus, olives, nuts, goat cheese and grape juice. It’s a yummy meal and a fun way to help us think about Christ and what things might have been like when he lived.

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We hope that everyone had a great Christmas! And best wishes for a Happy New Year.


Temple Square

Kasi (Dimitri’s birth mom) and her husband Lane came to Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights, so we were able to spend a bit of time with them at Temple Square.





We love every chance we get to spend time with Kasi. We love her and we love open adoption!


We love Thanksgiving at our house! Our first Thanksgiving together,  we were dating. I had to work, but Adam came over in the evening after I got home and we ate some apple pie that I had made the day before. The next year, we had been married just a few weeks. I had the day off but Adam had to work in the morning. I cooked all morning and we had our first Thanksgiving meal together when he got home. Every year since then, we’ve cooked a full Thanksgiving meal, even when it’s just been the two of us. This year was fun with the four of us, although it was a bit of a juggle cooking everything and taking care of Baby S.

We love having individual cornish game hens instead of a big turkey
We love having individual Cornish game hens instead of a big turkey

Ready to eat
Ready to eat


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It’s been a while

I obviously haven’t been updating this as often as I usually do. As you know from my last post, we are caring for a sweet little foster baby (Baby S). He is now 10 weeks old, and he is keeping us busy.  To protect the privacy of Baby S and his mother, we won’t be posting pictures of him (you might see a picture of the back of his head or maybe his toes, but never a picture that would make him easy to identify) and the information we give about him will be pretty generic.  I will say that he is a happy baby and that Dimitri is adjusting to being a big brother. We really love having him be a part of our family.

A lot of things have happened that I haven’t written about,  so I’m going to try and catch up over the next few days. To start, here are a few random things Dimitri has been up to.

Playing with the huge blocks at the library is one of Dimitri's favorite things to do
Playing with the huge blocks at the library is one of Dimitri’s favorite things to do



Playing at the park with Aunt Vannessa and Cousin Anniston
Playing at the park with Aunt Vannessa and Cousin Anniston