Baby Animal Days

On Saturday we took Dimitri to Baby Animal Days. We had a lot of fun and Dimitri got to hold and pet all kinds of animals.

20170429_122101 20170429_122003 20170429_121844 20170429_122105

I wish I would have taken pictures of more of the animals they had. There was a llama, a camel, a baby fox, sheep…it was quite an impressive array.

For some reason, Dimitri really loved these
“head in the hole” signs that they had. I never once encouraged him to get behind them for the sake of taking pictures; he did it all on his own. He stopped and wanted his picture taken every time we passed one.




He also got to ride a pony, which is becoming one of his favorite things to do. When the ride was over, he patted the pony’s main and said, “Thank you, pony.”

20170429_120352 20170429_120511

My grandma doesn’t live far from the farm where Baby Animal Days is held, so we stopped to visit her as well.


It was a fun day and we are excited for more outdoor adventures now that it is finally getting warm around here.