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Throw Back Thursday

Dimitri’s first Christmas.



Here we are with Dimitri’s great-grandparents (my grandparents). My grandfather passed away last summer, but I’m so glad that Dimitri got to spend a few years with him. In fact, Dimitri was able to have a relationship with all of my grandparents, which is something I’ll always cherish. My grandpa had a hard time with his memory the last few years of his life and couldn’t always remember the names of all his grandkids, but he always remembered Dimitri. He never forgot Dimitri’s name and he remembered being in the temple with us when we were sealed to him. I loved that he would bring that up and talk about how special it was whenever we saw him. What a blessing it is for Dimitri to be surrounded by so many people who love him.


Baby Animal Days

On Saturday we took Dimitri to Baby Animal Days. We had a lot of fun and Dimitri got to hold and pet all kinds of animals.

20170429_122101 20170429_122003 20170429_121844 20170429_122105

I wish I would have taken pictures of more of the animals they had. There was a llama, a camel, a baby fox, sheep…it was quite an impressive array.

For some reason, Dimitri really loved these
“head in the hole” signs that they had. I never once encouraged him to get behind them for the sake of taking pictures; he did it all on his own. He stopped and wanted his picture taken every time we passed one.




He also got to ride a pony, which is becoming one of his favorite things to do. When the ride was over, he patted the pony’s main and said, “Thank you, pony.”

20170429_120352 20170429_120511

My grandma doesn’t live far from the farm where Baby Animal Days is held, so we stopped to visit her as well.


It was a fun day and we are excited for more outdoor adventures now that it is finally getting warm around here.

Throw Back Thursday

So, if you’re not a total Harry Potter geek like I am, you might want to just skip this post. Well, Dimitri is certainly cute whether you like Harry Potter or not, but if you’re a fan, it makes the story more fun.

20160902_150530 20160902_155619

Dimitri has a cute little toy car that he loves to play in. He is starting to prefer his bike over the car, but this was last Fall and he was all about his little car back then.

I had pulled a few boxes out of the garage that we still hadn’t unpacked since we moved. In one of them, I found a plastic wand that I had given Adam while we were dating. I can’t remember why I gave it to him, maybe when we went to see one of the Harry Potter movies in the theater. Anyway, I asked Dimitri if he wanted to play with the wand and of course, he did. He ran over and grabbed it from me and then went back to playing in his car, wand in hand.

20160902_155604 20160902_155514

Next thing I knew, his poor little wand had snapped in two.

I posted a picture on Facebook along with this:

“My cute little red head, playing outside in his car, when his first wand broke. I need another Harry Potter nerd to appreciate this moment with me.”

My friend commented, “He must be a Weasley!” and my cousin asked, “Where’s the Spell-o-Tape when you need it?” It made my day that other people recognized this moment for what it was.



If I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, I’d probably choose watermelon. Seriously, I love it that much. Dimitri loves it too, which makes me very happy. These pictures are from one of the first times he tasted watermelon.

20150603_093357 20150603_093406 20150603_093402

A week or so ago, I bought my first watermelon of the year, and it didn’t take long for Dimitri and me to finish the whole thing. I thought to myself, “I am so glad that Dimitri inherited my love for watermelon.”

It took me a few minutes to remember that Dimitri didn’t actually inherit that (or anything) from me, because we don’t share the same DNA. It’s not that I forget that he’s adopted, or that I want to downplay the important role his birth parents have in his life. But he’s my son who I love with all my heart, so sometimes it doesn’t occur to me that we wouldn’t share certain traits or characteristics. I think most adoptive parents would say something similar. I know several people who have both biological and adopted children, and I have never heard one of them say that they love their biological children more than the ones who are adopted, or that they think of them any differently. Multiple people, who don’t have that close connection with adoption, however, have asked me,  “Do you love Dimitri as much as you would if you’d given birth to him?”

I’m never quite sure how to answer this question. First off, I’ve never given birth, so I have nothing to compare it to. But more importantly, Dimitri was not a consolation prize for not being able to pregnant. He wasn’t the second best option. He is my son who I love beyond anything I knew was possible and I’m quite certain I’d feel that way no matter how he came to our family.


I am so grateful for the amazing miracle of adoption, for Kasi and Luis choosing us to be Dimitri’s parents, and for the chance to be the mother to an amazing, wonderful little boy.


Happy Easter

Adam’s mom sent us a big Easter package with all kinds of toys, stuffed animals, and candy. Dimitri loved all of it but was particularly fond of the white chocolate bunny.




However, he wasn’t very happy when I told him he couldn’t eat the whole bunny in one sitting. This is his face when I took it away from him.


Poor little guy. After that, we went outside and blew some bubbles that also came in the package, and he was happy again.

For breakfast on Easter, we always make French Toast with a special Greek Easter Bread that Mandie had and loved when she was on her mission. It’s a fun little tradition and Dimitri liked helping this year.




Dimitri wore his new suit to church and decided to stop and smell some flowers on the way.



This afternoon we went to Mandie’s parent’s house to have dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Dimitri had a lot of fun looking for the eggs and playing with his cousins.




After the kids had their egg hunt, they had a lot of fun playing in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard. Here is Adam helping Dimitri and one of his cousins with the tree swing.

20170416_172540 20170416_172538 20170416_172338 20170416_172336

We were also able to talk to Dimitri’s birth mom Kasi. Dimitri liked showing her all the eggs he found and blowing her kisses. He also said “Kasi” for the first time which I thought was really cute.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family, but most importantly to be able to reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior who is the source of all our blessings.

Throw Back Thursday

Just a few days ago marked the 8-year anniversary of our first date. It’s so fun to look back to when we first met and think about everything that we’ve been through since then. Some things have been hard, like infertility, car accidents, surgery, and saying goodbye to our foster kids. Some have been amazing, like adopting our son, or exciting, like buying a house and getting new jobs. If I had the choice, I would do it all again, even the hard things, because I know it’s made us who we are today. I am so grateful to have a husband who loves and supports me. He makes the hard times bearable and the good times even better.

Here we are in Moab when we were dating.



Copy of PICT3413

All Dressed Up

Adam’s cousin got married last weekend and we went to the reception. Dimitri looked pretty cute in his new suit.



Dimitri had a fun time running around and dancing to the music.  I was really glad that I got to meet some of Adam’s family that I hadn’t met yet. It was a fun night, as you can tell by the smile on Dimitri’s face.

Throw Back Thursday

Remember when Dimitri was just learning to walk? What a sweetie. Now he runs everywhere and I can barely keep up with him!

Helping in the garden




The famous army crawl.



With his birth mom Kasi

20150821_175235 20150821_175011



Dimitri loves to read. Here we are reading one of his favorite books, Inside Outside, Upside Down