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Throw Back Thursday

Just a few days ago marked the 8-year anniversary of our first date. It’s so fun to look back to when we first met and think about everything that we’ve been through since then. Some things have been hard, like infertility, car accidents, surgery, and saying goodbye to our foster kids. Some have been amazing, like adopting our son, or exciting, like buying a house and getting new jobs. If I had the choice, I would do it all again, even the hard things, because I know it’s made us who we are today. I am so grateful to have a husband who loves and supports me. He makes the hard times bearable and the good times even better.

Here we are in Moab when we were dating.



Copy of PICT3413

All Dressed Up

Adam’s cousin got married last weekend and we went to the reception. Dimitri looked pretty cute in his new suit.



Dimitri had a fun time running around and dancing to the music.  I was really glad that I got to meet some of Adam’s family that I hadn’t met yet. It was a fun night, as you can tell by the smile on Dimitri’s face.

Throw Back Thursday

Remember when Dimitri was just learning to walk? What a sweetie. Now he runs everywhere and I can barely keep up with him!

Helping in the garden




The famous army crawl.



With his birth mom Kasi

20150821_175235 20150821_175011



Dimitri loves to read. Here we are reading one of his favorite books, Inside Outside, Upside Down






Dimitri has been really enjoying different playgroups and story time activities that I’ve been taking him to. Here are a few pictures of different things he’s done lately.

Playing with a parachute at the library.

20170217_104244 20170217_104247

We read stories at the library about sharks. Afterward, Dimitri got to make his very own shark hat.

At the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake

20170302_133158 20170302_120332

Riding bikes at the park

20170316_124108 IMG_4564

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a very special day for us. On Valentine’s Day two years ago, we were sealed to Dimitri, so that’s when he became officially our son forever. What a wonderful blessing that was, and a fun day to celebrate that memory.

Here we are at the temple the day we were sealed to Dimitri.

DimitriSealingDayKSimmons_30 DimitriSealingDayKSimmons_39

We like to make a special dinner and just stay home and have family time for Valentines. This year we made fondue and Dimitri loved helping.

Dimitri helping to make the Valentine's Day treats
Dimitri helping to make the Valentine’s Day treats



Dimitri approved of all the Valentine's Day food but especially loved the dessert.
Dimitri approved of all the Valentine’s Day food but especially loved the dessert.

P.S.- if you’re curious about what it means to be sealed in an LDS (Mormon) temple, here is some information about it and why it is important to us.

Birth Parents

We feel so fortunate to have the relationships we do with Dimitri’s birth mom and birth dad. It’s hard to describe how much love and gratitude we have for them.  I am so grateful that Dimitri will grow up knowing his story and knowing all the people in his life who love him.














A few weeks ago, Dimitri’s birth father Luis and his girlfriend Tonya welcomed a sweet little boy into the world. We were able to go and visit them on Saturday and meet their baby Lucas.




I love Christmas, and I think it’s starting to rub off on Dimitri. He is starting to figure out what it’s all about, although he didn’t want to get too close to Santa this year. We only do a few small gifts because we want to make sure that we stay focused on the real reason for celebrating.

There is a fun little event every Christmas called Christkindlmarkt that I discovered a few years ago and love going to. They have all kinds of fun things for kids to do. Dimitri liked riding the pony even more than at Halloween, and he loved petting all the animals.

20161202_144900 20161202_144850

20161202_145339 20161202_145232 20161202_145305

Riding the train at Christkindlmarkt

Helping decorate the tree

20161214_134459 20161214_134454


IMG_3934 IMG_3933

Random Cuteness







Yummy but just a little messy


One of Adam and Dimitri's favorite things to do is make silly faces at each other
One of Adam and Dimitri’s favorite things to do is make silly faces at each other

Pony Rides

Another thing Dimtri got to do around Halloween was to ride a Pony for the first time. He absolutely loves animals, so riding a pony was a really special treat for him.

IMG_94011 IMG_93961 IMG_93991