Family Fun

Last weekend my sister Vannessa was here from Florida so we spent a lot of time with family. Dimitri had a lot of fun with his cousins and we even were able to sneak in a girl’s night out that doubled as a baby shower for my sister who is expecting a baby girl in August.

Dimitri with his counsins Cade and Anniston
Dimitri with his cousins Cade and Anniston



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As you can see, we had a lot of fun in the water. I love that Dimitri likes water and isn’t afraid of it. When I was young, I was pretty scared of the water and didn’t learn to swim till I was older. It makes me happy that Dimitri is a little more adventurous than I was. In fact, my parents rented a dunk tank and most of the younger kids were nervous to get dunked, but Dimitri just climbed right up the ladder and wanted to take his turn. Uncle Joe was there to help him, so he wasn’t scared at all.


Dimitri and Aunt Vannessa
Dimitri and Aunt Vannessa


picture of sisters
Girl’s night out with all my sisters (and my mom- she’s taking the picture). Ginger, in the middle, is expecting her first girl after having three boys so we had a little baby shower for her.
Cousin goodbyes. Anniston and Tatum are the cousins Dimitri sees the least because they live in Florida.



We had so much fun with the family while Vannessa was in town! We hope everyone else is having a great summer too!