Gardner Village

A few weeks ago, Dimitri and I went to Gardner Village with a few friends. Gardner VillageĀ is a fun place with shops, a petting zoo, boutiques, and lots of open space for kids to run around outside. They have different themes at different times of the year; for examples at Halloween everything is witch-themed and at Christmas they do elves. This time of year it is fairies, so Dimitri and his friends had fun trying to find some of the fairies.

Looking through a fairy door
there’s this big old-fashioned bell at Gardner Village that Dimitri always wants to ring when we’re there

Some of the best shops they have at Gardner Village (at least in my opinion) are the fudge and sweet shops. Dimitri opted for a chocolate covered strawberry and was not disappointed.


20170616_114724 20170616_114730 20170616_114727

We are having a lot of fun this summer and look forward to more adventures! What kinds of things are you doing for fun this time of year?