General Conference

This weekend was our church’s semiannual general conference. ┬áIt’s not always the easiest thing to listen to the speakers when you have a three-year-old running around, but we did our best and luckily Dimitri is pretty good at entertaining himself.

20171001_104159 IMG_6559 (1)

We have quite a few traditions that involve food, and one of them is that we always eat food from one of our missions on conference Sunday. Last time, we had a few Greek dishes, and this time was Mandie’s first try at making Moro de Habicheulas, which is a traditional rice and bean dish from the Dominican Republic. Adam said it tasted like he remembers, so I guess it was a success. As you can see, Dimitri approved of it too!

20171001_174325 20171001_174315 IMG_6575 (1)


We feel very blessed to have living prophets who instruct and inspire us. Conference is always a good time to reflect on how we can more closely follow our Savior, Jesus Christ. Hope everyone had a great weekend!