Happy Birthday Dimitri!

Dimitri turned three on Saturday!

We started the day having waffles with my sister Linda and her husband Joe at a little diner near our house. Dimitri loves Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe and was really excited when we told them they were coming over.

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Outside the diner
Outside the diner

After breakfast, we went swimming. Dimitri wanted to go down the big waterslide. I thought he’d be scared but he actually loved it and kept asking to go again. He probably went down it at least 10 times. He also asked if he could go off the diving board but we had to draw the line somewhere. Maybe next year.

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Waiting to go down the water slide with Mom
Waiting to go down the water slide with Mom

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For dinner we got food from our favorite restaurant, The Bohemian. Dimitri loved the fish and chips and the pierogies. We love that Dimitri has grown-up taste and will eat the foods we love. On his first birthday, he had sushi and loved it.

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I made cupcakes from scratch and homemade ice cream and Dimitri loved blowing out the candles.

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It was such a fun day celebrating this special little boy! We are so grateful that he’s been in our family for┬áthree years. Happy birthday Dimitri! Thank you for bringing so much happiness to our family!