Our Siblings

We thought it would be fun to share a little bit more about our families and our childhoods. Here is a little bit about our siblings.

Adam is the middle of three kids. Growing up in between two sisters is what taught him to be such a gentleman. He has a lot of fun memories of him and his younger sister, Lydia, playing, laughing, and chasing each other when they were young. They are only 11 months apart so they were best friends growing up. His older sister Sheri is a tutor and a nurses’ aide and lives in a small town called Ferndale (in Washington state). His younger sister Lydia is a counselor and lives in Lynden,  which is where Adam grew up and where his parents live.



Adam and his sisters with their grandma
Adam and his sisters with their grandma


Adam's parents and sisters with us the day we were sealed to Dimitri
Adam’s parents and sisters with us the day we were sealed to Dimitri


Mandie is the second oldest of six siblings. There was always something going on in their house.  Her older sister Dezi is married to Seth and they have five boys. Her younger brother TJ is married to Tara and they have four boys. Ginger is the next sister, married to Curtiss. They have three boys and a brand new baby girl. Her little sister Vannessa is married to Blake and they have two girls. Linda is the youngest and is married to Joe. TJ lives in Texas and Vannessa lives in Florida, but the rest of the family all live near each other in Utah. Needless to say, it is a little loud and crazy when we all get together!

Don’t mind Mandie’s bow. Or her bangs.
All of Mandie's siblings at Linda's wedding
All of Mandie’s siblings at Linda’s wedding