Summer Fun

Last week my mom watched Dimitri and his cousins Parker, Lawson and Cade¬†were there as well (my sister Ginger’s boys). Every day since Dimitri saw them, he has asked multiple times for “Pahka Lawson.” If I say it’s time to go, he asks if we’re going to their house. If I ask him if he wants to go outside and play, he asks if Pahka Lawson are coming too. It’s pretty cute. On Friday we wanted to go swimming so we decided to see if Parker and Lawson could come with us.

We went to a park that has these fun little streams for kids to play in. The kids had a lot of fun. Of course, you also have to get ice cream on such a hot day.

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Hooray for summer, cousins, water, and ice cream! I hope you were able to do something fun this week too!