Throw Back Thursday

So, if you’re not a total Harry Potter geek like I am, you might want to just skip this post. Well, Dimitri is certainly cute whether you like Harry Potter or not, but if you’re a fan, it makes the story more fun.

20160902_150530 20160902_155619

Dimitri has a cute little toy car that he loves to play in. He is starting to prefer his bike over the car, but this was last Fall and he was all about his little car back then.

I had pulled a few boxes out of the garage that we still hadn’t unpacked since we moved. In one of them, I found a plastic wand that I had given Adam while we were dating. I can’t remember why I gave it to him, maybe when we went to see one of the Harry Potter movies in the theater. Anyway, I asked Dimitri if he wanted to play with the wand and of course, he did. He ran over and grabbed it from me and then went back to playing in his car, wand in hand.

20160902_155604 20160902_155514

Next thing I knew, his poor little wand had snapped in two.

I posted a picture on Facebook along with this:

“My cute little red head, playing outside in his car, when his first wand broke. I need another Harry Potter nerd to appreciate this moment with me.”

My friend commented, “He must be a Weasley!” and my cousin asked, “Where’s the Spell-o-Tape when you need it?” It made my day that other people recognized this moment for what it was.