Throwback Thursday

That time my sister Vannessa and I did a triathlon!  It was just a sprint triathlon, so we swam 600 meters, biked 12 miles, and then ran a 5k. Not as hard as a full triathlon, but it was still a lot of work. Considering I barely know how to swim, it was quite an accomplishment. I have always liked to run, and since I met Adam have enjoyed biking every now and then. But I have never been a swimmer and had definitely never gone swimming on a regular basis until I started training for this. But I actually really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, it was an all-women event, so we couldn’t actually do the triathlon together. But as you can see I had my sister there with me so that made it fun.


DSCN0176 DSCN0183


I haven’t done much swimming since this, but right now I am training for a half marathon. Maybe in the future, I’ll do another triathlon.