Throwback Thursday

Since it’s the week of Dimitri’s birthday, of course we have to do a post about when our sweet little boy was born. I will never forget that morning. Kasi still had about a week before she was due, so imagine how surprised we were when we got a call early in the morning saying that the baby was coming!  Adam was in school, and we had joked with Kasi just a few weeks before that she better not have the baby early because Adam had finals. Well, Dimitri certainly had a mind of his own and didn’t care if Dad had finals or not! It was a wild morning, trying to get everything put together and ready for me to make the three-hour drive to Pocatello. I was so nervous and so excited to meet this precious baby.

Dimitri with his birth mom Kasi and birth dad Luis

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It was fun spending time with Dimitri in the hospital and it was so sweet of Kasi to involve me in lots of the “mom” things like giving him his first bath. I visited for a few hours, and then Dimitri, Kasi, and Luis spent the night in the hospital just the three of them. As excited as I was about this little baby, I wanted them to have as much time as they could to be together so I was happy to stay at the hotel and come back the next morning.

When it was time for Kasi to be discharged from the hospital, I will never forget the feeling I had when she lovingly placed Dimitri into my arms. It is a feeling that I don’t think anyone can comprehend if they haven’t experienced it. A perfect mixture of joy, sorrow, gratitude, and overwhelming love. We are so thankful for having this little boy in our lives. When I think of how much unselfish love Kasi must have for our son, I always think of what Elder Holland said about moms.


Adam met us in Pocatello later that day, after his finals were over. Of course, we had talked on the phone multiple times and I had sent him about a hundred pictures, so I’m not sure how well he did with concentrating on his tests. But we were sure glad when had got there. Because of laws involved with taking a baby out of the state they were born in before you have official custody of them, we stayed in a hotel in Pocatello for about a week. What an adventure being brand-new parents to a brand new baby in a tiny little hotel room. We loved every minute of it.

Adam meeting his son for the first time

Happy Birthday, Dimitri! We are so glad you are part of our family!