Throwback Thursday (Two Days Late)

I know it’s not Thursday, but I missed my post this week because we were gone camping. Better late than never, right? And I promised to post something about Adam’s mission, so here it is.

A throwback to Adam’s Mission. He served in the Dominican Republic and learned to speak Spanish, which he still speaks well to this day. Adam loved learning about a new culture and really made an effort to get to know and understand the people he worked with and taught. Just like I did. he had experiences that prepared him for life and made friends he will have forever. In fact, the people that Adam and I consider our closest friends are people we met on our missions.


Very few of Adam’s mission pictures are in digital form, so this is the only one I have to post for now. I spent a lot of time converting my mission pictures from hard copies and negatives to digital files, and it’s on my to-do list to do the same thing with all of Adam’s pictures. I guess we’re aging ourselves by revealing that we didn’t have digital cameras when we were on missions. Ha. If I get some of his pictures converted soon I will post more of them.