If I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, I’d probably choose watermelon. Seriously, I love it that much. Dimitri loves it too, which makes me very happy. These pictures are from one of the first times he tasted watermelon.

20150603_093357 20150603_093406 20150603_093402

A week or so ago, I bought my first watermelon of the year, and it didn’t take long for Dimitri and me to finish the whole thing. I thought to myself, “I am so glad that Dimitri inherited my love for watermelon.”

It took me a few minutes to remember that Dimitri didn’t actually inherit that (or anything) from me, because we don’t share the same DNA. It’s not that I forget that he’s adopted, or that I want to downplay the important role his birth parents have in his life. But he’s my son who I love with all my heart, so sometimes it doesn’t occur to me that we wouldn’t share certain traits or characteristics. I think most adoptive parents would say something similar. I know several people who have both biological and adopted children, and I have never heard one of them say that they love their biological children more than the ones who are adopted, or that they think of them any differently. Multiple people, who don’t have that close connection with adoption, however, have asked me,  “Do you love Dimitri as much as you would if you’d given birth to him?”

I’m never quite sure how to answer this question. First off, I’ve never given birth, so I have nothing to compare it to. But more importantly, Dimitri was not a consolation prize for not being able to pregnant. He wasn’t the second best option. He is my son who I love beyond anything I knew was possible and I’m quite certain I’d feel that way no matter how he came to our family.


I am so grateful for the amazing miracle of adoption, for Kasi and Luis choosing us to be Dimitri’s parents, and for the chance to be the mother to an amazing, wonderful little boy.